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For the well-being of your own and other cats a valid certificate showing that the cat has been vaccinated for Feline Infectious Enteritis and Influenza must be brought with your cat and retained at the cattery during the cats stay.

We reserve the right to refuse any cat which is or appears to be suffering from any infectious disease which may affect the well-being of other cats resident in the cattery. In addition any cat which appears to be in need of a level of care, due to illness, which in our opinion exceeds that which can reasonably be expected to be provided by us will be refused entry to the cattery. 


We offer a range of wet and dry food from leading brands such as James Wellbeloved, Iams, Whiskas and Felix. Kitten, Adult and Senior diets are catered for. This is included in the cost of your cats stay. We are happy to feed other foods to your cat but ask that you bring these with you. Cat grass is available if required (please give two weeks notice).

Pre-existing medical conditions

We require that you notify us of any pre-existing medical condition so that we may better care for your cat and comply with the conditions of our insurance.

Medicines / Treatment

We are happy to administer any treatments which would normally be expected to be undertaken by the owners. This includes giving tablets, injections and worming / flea treatments.

Flea and Worm Treatment

It is acknowledged that some cats can from time to time suffer with fleas/worms and we would therefore ask that cats are treated for these prior to their stay. If a cat is found to require additional treatment we reserve the right to make an additional charge of £10.


Beds and bedding are supplied however please feel free to bring bedding if you feel that you cat would prefer this.


The cattery is insured which includes the cost of veterinary costs should any cat become ill during its stay. There is no additional cost for insurance however there is a £2,000 limit and pre-existing conditions are not covered.

Neutered Cats

We only accept male cats if they have been neutered. Kittens under 6 months are exempt from this requirement.